Check_MK support for Allnet 3481v2

A friend of mine has had this thermometer and asked me to look into monitoring and setup.

I don’t think I ever put as much work into monitoring such a tiny device. Last evening and almost night I stabbed at it some more and finally completed the setup and documentation. I literally went to bed at 5am because of this tiny sensor.

To save others from this (and to make sure I have a reliable documentation for it…), I’ve made a wiki article out of the pretty tricky setup. Along the way I even found it still runs an old openssl.

You can check it out here:

The bitbucket version isn’t yet committed, I hope I will do this in a moment… :p
One interesting hurdle was I couldn’t do a check_mk package (using mkp list / mkp pack) since I also needed to include things from local/lib and similar folders. When I visit the MK guys again I’ll nag about this.



They have really pretty meters in their UI by the way.

Would hope something like it makes it to the nagvis exchange some day.

edit note: I initially wrote it has an “affected OpenSSL”. It seems they had built it back in 2012 without heartbeat, which is a nice and caring thing to do.
It’s still goddamn outdated.


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