Time for 2016

Hi everyone.


I just thought some post is in place after having gone dark for quite a long time.

I’d been home sick for almost a month. First I’d snapped my back very badly and then I caught a strong flu. This completely ruined the month I had meant to spend on posting things here. Lying on your back is BORING and painkillers make you too numb do to anything useful.

Between that I’ve also done a few fun projects and been to OpenNebulaConf (Oct), the chaos communication camp (Dec) and the config management camp (Feb) and each time I came home with some nice ideas to throw around.

To be honest though, the highlight of the last months was watching Deadpool.

If you can handle some completely immature humor and the good old ultraviolent, go watch it.


For this year, there will be EuroBSDCon and OpenNebulaConf yet again.

One great thing about OpenNebula is the extremely friendly community. Comparing this to *any* other conf I’ve been to they are all pretty darn hostile and bro-ish. OpenNebula is such a nice community in  comparison and I really hope the others will start trying to match up with that at some point.


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