This is patching


  • There’s an OpenSSL issue
  • Fetch and rebuild the stable ports tree (2016Q3)
  • Find it won’t build php70 and mod_php70 anymore
  • Try to compare to your -current ports tree
  • Find there’s a php security issue in the the version there, but not the one you had
  • Wait till it’s fixed so you can build
  • Type portsnap, then just to be safe fist do a full world update to make sure your portsnap isn’t having security issues any more.
  • Updated portsnap has a metadata corruption
  • Remove your portsnap files, try again then just think “whatever” and fetch the ports from the ftp mirror and re-extract manually
  • Notice you just fetched an unsigned file via FTP and will use it to build i.e. your OpenSSL.
  • Rant about that.
  • Find you can’t build because it can’t fetch
  • Debug the reason it can’t fetch
  • Find it’s a bug in the ports tree from the fix of the above security issue
  • Make mental note noone seems to react withing 1-2 days if the stable tree is broken
  • While searching for existing bugs, find a PR about pkg audit that tries to redefine the functionality in order to not fix an output regression
  • Open a bug report for the PHP bug, adjust your local file
  • Fetch your new package list
  • Do a pkg audit, find it reports not too much.
  • Do a pkg audit -F, find it gives an SSL error
  • Find the certificate expired 2 months ago.
  • Wonder how noone even reacted to that
  • Find that SSLlabs somehow can’t even properly process the site anymore.
  • Find out that SSLlabs is actually dead just now.
  • Notice in the last lines it had managed to print that the actual hostnames points at a rdns-less v6 address and v4 cnames to a random test system.
  • Most likely the webserver ain’t heavily protected in that case, huh?
  • Give up and use http like the goddamn default
  • Random pkg update -> so update pkg first
  • In the end, just no-downtime slam all the new packages over the server because you’re sick of it all.



The next person who posts about “admins need to apply the fixes” I’ll just kick in the face. With my beer.


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