As kids we would wonder, but we didn’t know 2016

As kids we would wonder why noone treated us seriously, like grown-ups, like someone capable of reasoning.

But it’s not about that.

It’s about letting someone keep a glimpse of trust, looking back to a few years where they didn’t yet see wars starting, not being able to do anything to stop an escalation.

Families getting wiped out as a necessity (to someone, after all) on a mountain roadside because they happened to watch a spies’ assassination.

Prisons that have been given up to the inmates and just patrolled from the outside.

Watching your favourite artists die.

Hearing that a friend committed suicide.

Actually, people getting so deeply hopeless that they willingly crash their own airplane, wiping out whole school classes.

Undercover investigators who were the actual enabler of the Madrid subway bombing. Knowing how they’ll also forever be lost in their guilt, not making anything better.

Seeing how Obama’s goodbye gets drowned in humanity wondering if Trump had women pissing on <whatever> for money or not.

Then asking yourself why that even would matter considering T’s definitely a BAD PERSON so who cares what kind of sex he’s into, why can one’s private details take attention from the actual fact that he’s absolutely not GOOD?

Watching a favorite place to be torn down for steel and glass offices.

Understanding what a burnt down museum means.

Life’s inevitable bits, to be confronted with them works only if you had a long peaceful period in your life.

And that, that’s what you really just shouldn’t see or rather understand too early.

After all, there’s an age where we all tried to get toothpaste back into the tube, just because we’d not believe it just doesn’t work that way.


Sorry for this seemingly moody post, it’s really been cooking since that 2012 murder case. Today



On the pro side, there’s movies, Wong Kar-Wai and so many more. There’s art, and the good news is that we can always add more art, and work more towards the world not being a shithole for the generations after us.

But, seriously, you won’t be able to do much good if you look at the burning mess right from the start.


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