This blog is to have some random blurbs, both technical and private from florian heigl (me) of germany. The old site I used to run has gone down for the time being so my two blogs ( http://justblog.blogdns.org/network and http://justblog.blogdns.org/deranfangvomende/  ) went down with it and I hope to replace it here.

For further information see my website at http://www.deranfangvomen.de/ and for my longer technical posts see my linux & RHCE blog at http://linuxlab.wordpress.com/, this is where I save some howtos and practice questions.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Howdy. I was googling for something and found your blog. The blackopsoft domain is days from expiring and I really want to pass on the torch. Are you at all interested in taking everything as is?

  2. Hi Brett,

    that is a bit a surprise. :>
    What I can do easily is host it and keep it running.
    But I don’t know enough about software porting to keep it working.
    Besides, being a BSD / UNIX guy I only do linux stuff when I really *have* to. As you can see here, it’s quite too often.
    Worst I’m always in too many things at once and wouldn’t even be able to update it regularly.
    You had quite a lot of packages in there…

    I guess it would take more than 1-2 people to keep a repo maintained for years. Suggestion:
    What might work is keeping it running and, at the same time, pointing people at the IOU repo. Thats the one other repo with well-maintained & *working* software that I know of.

    Thinking of that, you should contact them first, they have the infrastructure and people to maintain your RPMs! If they don’t want to inherit your work, then I’ll keep it up till the users are gone (or I make a hobby of it).

    Last, go and check out Alpine Linux. It’s non-desktop, but extremely rewarding for “Linux distro” measures of “rewarding”. I was surprised to find a distro that is *not* broken!

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