FrOSCon Nachlese: Rudder (1)

Bei dem Vortrag hatte ich ja erwaehnt, dass es sehr praktisch ist, dass Normation eigene C-Entwickler hat und Ihre eigene Version des Rudder Agent pflegt.

Case in point, ein kritischer Bug in CFEngine, der einfach schon gefixed war. Und 30 Minuten nach meiner Frage war der Patch auch freigegeben…

15:29 < darkfader> amousset: i'm inclined to think we could also
use a backport of
15:30 < darkfader> unless someone tells me "oh no i tested with 
a few thousand clients for a few months and it doesn't affect us" 😉
15:33 < amousset> darkfader: it has already been backported 
15:34 < Helmsman> Bug #8875: Backport patch to fix connection cache 
( Pending release issue assigned to  Jonathan CLARKE. 
URL: )
15:37 < darkfader> amousset: heh, pending release 
15:38 < Matya> hey you just released today 🙂
15:40 < amousset> yesterday actually 🙂
16:07 < jooooooon> darkfader: it's released now 😉



… es gibt naemlich einen Freigabeprozess!


What if

In my english class at volkshochschule munich the teacher had come up with some hypothetics game to force us into really thinking about some grammatical details…

I noticed the wild difference between my first answers and a more realistic second view.

What if…

You were a girl

My first answer:

  • I would need to stop eating as much as I can and need to learn how to enjoy stuff like “shopping”

The real answer:

  • I would have become an artist and burned down my life like a bengal fire, dancing in the blaze. I would be long dead by now.

If the internet hadn’t been invented

  • I’d still be stuck in our old village and would have married hopefully Ellen from the town(!) as I promised when we were both 5 years old. I’d either enjoy having fresh air and open spaces or I’d already have gone crazy in a place that small.

you were a comic character

my first answer:

  • roadrunner, because he’s always at full speed, and just stops by for a quick hello. one meep-meep from him says all that needed to be said.

my wish:

  • Dream from Sandman. The silent and thoughtful master of dreams.

the truth:

  • Delirium from Sandman. The hopeless/hopeful butterfly girl, which is more than slightly mad but far too empathic.

Next on this channel

Instead of a new years resolution* I’ve looked into what things to work on next. Call it milestones, achievements, whatever.

  • I’ve already cleaned up my platform, based on Alpine Linux now.
  • IPv6 switchover is going well but not a prime concern. Much stuff just works and other stuff is heavily broken, so it’s best to not rush into a wall.
  • Bacula: I’ve invested a lot of time to into backup management routine again. This paid off and made clear it was stupid to decide per-system which VMs to backup and which not. If you want to have reliable backups, just backup everything and be done with it. Sidequests still available are splitting catalogs and wondering why there is no real operations manual. (rename a client? move clients backup catalogs? All this stuff is still at a level that I’d call grumpy retarded cleverness: “You can easily do that with a script” – yeah, but how comes that the prime opensource backup tool doesn’t bring along routine features that are elsewhere handled with ONE keypress (F2 to the rescue)
  • cfengine: This will be my big thing over the next 3 weeks, at home and on holiday. Same goal, coming to grips real well. During the last years I’ve tried puppet, liked but not used Chef and glimpsed at SALT. Then I skipped all of them and decided that Ansible was good for the easy stuff and for the not easy stuff I want the BIG (F) GUN, aka cfengine.
  • Ganeti & Job scheduling: In cleaning up the hosting platform I’ve seen I’ve missed a whole topic automation-wise. Ahead scheduling of VM migrations, Snapshots etc. A friend is pushing me towards ganeti and it sure fills a lot of gaps I currently see, but it doesn’t scale up to the larger goal (OpenNebula virtual datacenters). I’ll see if there is a reasonable way for picking pieces out of Ganeti. Still, the automation topic stays unresolved. There is still no powerful OSS scheduler – the existing ones are all aimed at HPC clusters which is very easy turf compared to enterprise scheduling. So it seems I’ll need to come up with something really basic that does the job.
  • Confluence: That’s an easier topic, I’m working to complete my confluence foo so that I’ll be able to make my own templates and use it real fast.

What else…. oh well that was quite a bit already 😉

Otherwise I’ve been late (in deciding) for one project that would have been a lovable start and turned down two others because they were abroad. Being at the start of this new (selfemployed) career I’m feeling a reasonable amount of panic. Over the weekends it usually turns into a less reasonable one 😉

But yet also cheerful at being able to give a focus on building up my skills, and I also think it was the right decision. I went into the whole Unix line of work by accident but loved it since “if it doesn’t work you know it’s your fault” – a maybe stale, yet basically bug-less environment where you concentrate on issues that come up in interactions of large systems instead of bug after bug after bug. (See above at platform makeover – switching to alpine Linux has been so much fun for the same reason).

My website makeover is in progress and I’m happy to know I’ll visually arrive in this decade-2.0 with it soon.


Of course I’ve also run into some bugs in DTC while trying to auto-setup a WordPress setup. DTC is the reason for the last Debian system I’m keeping. Guess who is REALLY at risk of being deprecated now 😉

*not causing doomsday worked for 2012 though

back from estonia

Yesterday a little after midnight I got back home from working in Estonia. It was one of the most interesting countries I’ve ever seen.

Tallinn has a huge party culture with very nice people. With the inner town just like the size of Regensburg and a similar density of pubs / bars but more international visitors it’s quite different from anywhere else.

Once you move out into the countryside you find lake parks that are right next to the sea. You’ll find old commy buildings falling apart, and next to them many many new homes have been built.

My impression is a nice mixture of Britain (the drinking and partying, the mix of old and new and that almost everyone speaks english so well), Switzerland (loving “cosy little things” and even adapting it to the language with words like “Eesti” or even a “hookahhus” (iirc))  and Russia (from many things).

I hope Estonians will finally be left alone from the occupying nations left and right of them… It was quite heartening to see there actually is an “occupation museum” in Tallinn. No country should need something like that.

Find out more reasons why I liked it…

Aus Estland snaps
Aus Estland snaps

SonyEricsson survey fail

I had just been on the Sony website to download drivers and media manager for my W880i when I got a survey invite.
On the last question, they really made a 100% facepalm.

It says “if you had to buy a cellphone tomorrow, which brand would you pick right away?

 Now whoever wrote the german translation, they tripped about a subtle difference.

“Jeder andere Herstelller” might mean “other vendors”, probably you’d just write “einen anderen Hersteller” or something. Because:

“Jeden anderen Hersteller” on the other hand means “ANYTHING but a SonyEricsson”.

Thanks for sleeping at school to the guy in their marketing –  You made my day.

Kleine Lesehilfe zur atomaren Sicherheit.

Nach Aussagen der Atomaufsichtsbehörde sei es aber unwahrscheinlich, dass das Strontium eine unmittelbare Gefahr für die menschliche Gesundheit darstellt, meldete die Agentur Kyodo.

d.H. die Aufsichtsbehoerde baut fest darauf, dass die Leute nicht unmittelbar, also innerhalb Monatsfirst, sondern erst dann an Vergiftung / Krebs sterben, wenn Gras ueber diese Aussage gewachsen ist.