back from estonia

Yesterday a little after midnight I got back home from working in Estonia. It was one of the most interesting countries I’ve ever seen.

Tallinn has a huge party culture with very nice people. With the inner town just like the size of Regensburg and a similar density of pubs / bars but more international visitors it’s quite different from anywhere else.

Once you move out into the countryside you find lake parks that are right next to the sea. You’ll find old commy buildings falling apart, and next to them many many new homes have been built.

My impression is a nice mixture of Britain (the drinking and partying, the mix of old and new and that almost everyone speaks english so well), Switzerland (loving “cosy little things” and even adapting it to the language with words like “Eesti” or even a “hookahhus” (iirc)) ¬†and Russia (from many things).

I hope Estonians will finally be left alone from the occupying nations left and right of them… It was quite heartening to see there actually is an “occupation museum” in Tallinn. No country should need something like that.

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Aus Estland snaps
Aus Estland snaps